This is a question we get from almost every client before they sign up. Most people are very skeptical because the product and service sound too good to be true. 

We can assure you that BlueMatch does not have any percent base commission tied to its product. 

BlueMatch was created to eliminate the astronomically high commissions and flat rate commissions that are tied to real estate transactions. 

So how does BlueMatch make money?

BlueMatch is building the first platform that monetizes other services that surround a real estate transaction.

These include services such as:

  • Homeowner Insurance
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Home Refinancing 
  • Buyer Agent Referrals
  • Rental Management
  • Title Services
  • Home Warranties
  • etc.

Right now, BlueMatch primarily makes its money through buyer affiliate referrals and upgrades. Eventually BlueMatch will explore additional revenue streams. For now, we work hard assisting in helping our clients find the best service providers with the best rates.

Think of us as the "Credit Karma" of Real Estate 

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