BlueMatch is a new type of Real Estate company and many agents don't fully understand how we work. Many times buyers agents will reach out directly to our clients. If this happens to you, kindly let the agent know that BlueMatch is representing you and have them reach out to us directly.

It is NOT common or an accepted practice in the real estate world for the opposing agent to reach out directly to the sellers. Buyers agents have a fiduciary obligation to their client and will do everything in their power to gain an upper hand. BlueMatch is here to be a resource to you and help you negotiate the best deal.


Sign anything from an agent unless you have been instructed to by a BlueMatch team member.

Speak about terms, other interest, or offers you have or have not received

Divulge any information about the home that could give them an upper hand.

Accept an offer directly from an agent

The easiest thing to do when being contacted by an agent is to politely tell them you are working with an agent and have them contact us. BlueMatch conducts thousands or transactions and negotiations and will always get back with buyers agents in a timely manner. 

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