There are a few steps that must be completed before your home will go live on the MLS. Once these steps are complete, your home will list and syndicate within 24-48 hours though oftentimes much sooner.

Please keep in mind that failure to complete any of these steps will result in your home sitting in queue and not going live on the MLS. Here is a checklist of what you must complete before your home goes live on the MLS:

-Complete the MLS listing survey for your home
-Upload a minimum of one photo
-Sign the state required listing agreement

Once these initial steps are complete, your listing will be submitted to our compliance team for review. After your listing clears compliance, you will receive an confirmation email that your listing has been submitted to the MLS!

***Simply loading photos and filling out the survey will not syndicate your listing to the MLS. State law requires a completed and signed listing agreement. ***

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