Many people reach out to us asking if we will setup or host an open house and the answer is no. BlueMatch does not setup open houses on behalf of their clients for two main reasons. 

The first is that BlueMatch is a data company that is working to build the absolutely best process to list, market, and sell homes. Open houses have been statistically proven to have little to no effect when it comes to selling homes. Traditional agents love to push them because it helps them find more buyers. 

Rethinking the Open House as a Sales Tool

The second reason is even more important. Open houses can be a magnet for criminals looking to steal your belongings or even cause you and your family harm. The liability and risk involved in this area is the primary reason BlueMatch highly advises against open houses and will not participate in setting one up for our clients. 

Real estate agent hosting open house robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco

Home Sellers Victim Of Jewelry Theft During Open House

Open house thefts in Greenwood Village may be connected to one man

As a home seller, you are always free to setup and host your own open house. BlueMatch however will not list your open houses on the MLS on your behalf.

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