With BlueMatch, you will never pay a listing agent commission (traditionally 3% of the sale price) unless you upgrade to our managed package. In this instance, you will pay a flat fee commission of $1,495 due at closing usually from the proceeds of the home. 

Outside of the listing agent commission, at closing, the seller is usually liable for their portion of the closing costs and a buyer agent commission if you choose to offer one.

At BlueMatch, we take fees that have traditionally been lumped into a commission, and break them down for you in a transparent way. For example, an agent will charge you roughly $12,000 to sell a $400K home. Of this, 10%-30%  will go to their broker, a small portion will go to a transaction coordinator or admin, and a portion goes to support staff like compliance/audit teams (this will usually come out of the brokers end). The rest goes into the agents pocket. This is in addition to title and any other fee they tac onto the contract which is very common. 

At BlueMatch, you are never charged a listing commission (unless you upgrade) and you are only liable for Title, Admin and Transaction Coordinator, Buyer Agent Commission (if you offer one), and Compliance/Audit at closing. 

Variable Cost Due at Closing

Title Policy: The title policy cost is based on many factors and can be calculated once you start your listing by reaching out to us. This cost usually ranges from $300-$1500 but can be less or more. 

Title Policy Calculator

Fixed Cost Due at Closing

BlueMatch Fixed Fees Which Including Transaction Coordinator, Compliance & Audit, and Platform: $995

BlueMatch gives you the option to pass this fee on to the buyer through the price of your home.

Admin and Transaction Coordinator:
In the states BlueMatch operates in, a licensed agent/transaction coordinator or attorney is required to facilitate the Real Estate transaction. This fee covers that cost. 

BlueMatch Platform Fee: The BlueMatch platform fee helps cover our cost of hosting, infrastructure, and record storage. BlueMatch retains all records on our secure servers for 5 years.

There are no hidden or surprise fees with BlueMatch. BlueMatch will never tac on additional fees or costs. 

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