Many people assume BlueMatch is a flat fee MLS provider. Although part of our service is listing our clients on the MLS, BlueMatch is not a flat fee MLS provider.

The Difference:

Flat Fee MLS providers are just that. You generally pay a flat fee upfront and you are listed on the MLS. This service is great if you are VERY experienced in buying and selling homes, an attorney, or an ex-real estate agent. This is not recommended for anyone that doesn't fall into one of these categories. When you list with a flat fee MLS provider, you are essentially representing yourself and you are assuming all of the legal liability in the transaction. With most of these services, you will also be paying for things like edits and changes so these fees can add up very quickly. 

With BlueMatch, you are always represented by a licensed agent or a licensed transaction coordinator. We are an online/virtual brokerage and all of our agents carry the proper E&O insurance and represent our clients best interest. Whether you list on the residential or professional home seller plan, BlueMatch will always assign a licensed agent to your listing. This ensures compliance, proper execution of the transaction, and drastic reduction of legal liability. 


  • Full service Real Estate Brokerage
  • Fees are only paid if your home sells 
  • No upfront fees or cost
  • Unlimited edits or changes

Flat Fee MLS:

  • Upfront listing fee
  • Cancelation fee
  • MLS listing only, not represented by a Broker
  • Fees to change or edit your listing

BlueMatch's top priority is always our clients. Ensuring a compliant and seamless transaction is our number one goal.


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