The biggest misconception we often face with our clients is that many think Real Estate agents or Real Estate companies have direct access and control to sites like Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, etc. Unfortunately an agents ability to edit listings on these sites is limited. These sites are each independently owned and operated and each display data and information the way they feel fit. 

These sites pull data from many sources including public records, property records, MLS, etc. BlueMatch, like all other brokers, has the ability to edit and change information in the MLS and also has some (albeit minimal) ability to edit listing in Zillow. 

So what does this mean if my listing on one site is different from another or one of these sites is displaying wrong data like square footage? 

If you notice information on one of these sites is displaying incorrectly, you should take the following steps:

  • Verify with BlueMatch that the MLS information is correct. Once verified, give your listing about 24-48 hours to update, clear your cache, and check for the updates. 
  • Check that your public record is up to date. If you are working with a dedicated agent, they can do this for you.
  • If public record and the MLS is up to date, you can request a correction or update via email with the site (ie Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, etc) that is displaying the incorrect data. If you are working with a dedicated agent, they can do this for you.
  • If you are seeing incorrect data on Zillow, you can submit a ticket through BlueMatch by emailing If we are able to edit it on our end we will, otherwise we will let you know what you can do to try to remedy the issue. 

BlueMatch will always work diligently to ensure your MLS listing is up to date and accurate. You can always email support or chat with us if you see issues with your listing.  

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